Help Us Celebrate Tom Turning 60!

Tom has had a tremendous impact on the work we do at the Cystinosis Research Foundation. His superb ideas, extraordinary leadership, and hands-on involvement have shaped the direction of the cystinosis research program. As a board member, Tom’s positivity, creativity, and relentless pursuit of finding a cure for cystinosis have brought us closer to a cure than ever imagined. Tom’s dedication to research, his love for Tanner, and the adults and children with cystinosis has made a difference in the lives of all those touched by cystinosis. We are grateful to Traci and Tom for their steadfast support and commitment throughout the years. From all of us at CRF, we wish Tom a very happy birthday! 

 Nancy and Jeff Stack

Let’s support Tom and Traci’s fight to find a cure for Cystinosis.

For many years, Tom and Traci have been involved and served on the board of the Cystinosis Research Foundation and we thought this year raising funds for a cause that means a lot to him would be a great alternative to something that will sit in the closet (golf clubs) or be gone in a few sips (wine) 😊  

Cystinosis is a rare genetic disease that debilitates the body over time, affecting 1 in 100,000-200,000 children born in the United States.  The Cystinosis Research Foundation sponsors research programs showing promise for the future.  We hope you agree that our contributions to this cause reflect a thoughtful and more impactful way to celebrate Tom’s significant birthday.

“Happy Birthday from your Woodward team Tom!  This one’s a big one – 60!   
We haven’t noticed you have been adding some “Wisdom Hair” as the grandkids call gray hair – much… In honor of this major milestone, we thought we’d do something a little more thoughtful than toasting you with a glass of good red wine – although we will do that as well.  We know you and Traci have supported worthy causes over the years and know of the incredible efforts you’ve put into the Cystinosis Research Foundation and why it is so important to you both.  So on this memorable occasion, we want to contribute on your behalf to the Foundation to help further the work of those dedicated doctors and researchers and hopefully find a cure just a little sooner” from Bob Weber.

We appreciate any and all donations made on behalf of Tom’s birthday! 
Thank you for helping us celebrate and having a double impact!!