CRF Awards $2,617,711 in New Grants in 2019

We are pleased to announce that CRF recently approved three new research grants totaling $856,488. The grants were awarded to Dr. Pierre Courtoy at de Duve Institute, Dr. Robert Mak at UC San Diego and Dr. Reza Seyedsadjadi at Massachusetts General Hospital.

In 2019 CRF awarded a total of 10 new grants totaling $2,617,711 million. The grants were awarded to researchers in the United States, France, Belgium and Italy.  Since 2003 CRF has funded 190 multi-year studies in 12 countries, making CRF the largest private fund provider of cystinosis research in the world. As a result of CRF grants, CRF researchers have published 80 articles in prestigious journals adding to the breadth of knowledge about cystinosis. A special thanks to CRF researchers who have dedicated their careers to finding better treatments and a cure for our children and adults with cystinosis.