Canadian Families

CRF and Canadian Families Unite to Fund Research 

Canadian cystinosis families are committed CRF partners working with CRF to fund research that will lead to better treatments and a cure.

Families across Canada continue to organize and plan events to raise money for research. Working together, our two countries have united in their efforts to raise awareness about cystinosis, to advocate on behalf of all children and adults with cystinosis and to ensure that we will fund the most qualified researchers in the world.

Since 2016, Canadian families have directly funded CRF research with $763,012 in grant payments through the Aqueduct Foundation. CRF is incredibly grateful for the support of our Canadian cystinosis families and friends. 

Donations made by Canadians are channeled through Canada Helps, managed by the Aqueduct Foundation and administered by Cystinosis Awareness and Research Effort (CARE). Through Canada Helps, CARE has created an efficient and effective fundraising process, ensuring that Canadians receive a tax receipt. Canadians also have the option to donate directly to CRF if they so desire.

If you would like to learn more about how to fundraise in Canada or to make a donation, please contact Zoe Solsby at

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