CRF Research Insights – Your Donations Are Working for a Cure

Did you know that your donations are at work all year long? 
CRF awards new grants twice a year to ensure that your donations are always at work funding important research studies that will lead to a cure for cystinosis. Once a grant is awarded, grant payments are made upon receipt of a progress report from the Principal Investigator which guarantees that progress is being made and the study is meeting its stated aims.

In May we issued three grant payments to Stéphanie Cherqui, PhD, Olivier Devuyst, PhD, and Morgan Fedorchak, PhD, totaling $326,266.50!  You have helped us create a synergistic global research community, thank you!

Stéphanie Cherqui, PhD, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California
May 2021 Grant Payment #3  $191,296.00
Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Trial
Four-Year Gift Award Spring 2019 – $765,192

Olivier Devuyst, MD, PhD, University of  Zürich, Switzerland
May 2021 Grant Payment #2 $48,334.00
New Model Systems for Integrated Drug Discovery in Cystinosis
Three-Year Grant Award Spring 2020 –  $290,000

Morgan Fedorchak, PhD, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 2021 Grant Payment #2 $86,634.50
Development of a Topical, Controlled Release Cysteamine Eye Drop
Two-Year Grant Award Spring 2020 – $410,810